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Dakota Lacrosse League (DLL)

Presented by Dakota Lacrosse Association & Standing Buffalo Dakota Nation


Dakota Lacrosse League (DLL)?

  • All games and practices are at Lebret Arena!

  • 8-week schedule! Starting April 29 - June 23.

  • Sessions will be 1/3 Skill Development with NLL Super Star Jeff Shattler and 2/3 scrimmages with sanctioned SLA referees!

  • Year-End Tournament: Exciting prizes await!

  • Modified rules but competitive: Place and push checking only!

  • Full lacrosse gear required! Playing jerseys, goalie gear and referees provided for games!

  • Females are allowed to be 1 year older in each division.


How to register and pay for DLL:


Waiver Form for Lacrosse 2024 Season

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