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Standing Buffalo Housing Department:


Or department looks after day-to-day maintenance needs to the CMHC and band homes. Tenants can call during office hours for basic maintenance repairs to their homes and appliances. Please have patience when submitting requests. The plumbers, electricians and contractors are not employed by the band and work in other areas as well as Standing Buffalo. Once work orders are submitted, they will contact you to tell you when they are coming. Always provide a contact number for them to reach you.

Larger renovations require more time, inspections, cost estimates and approvals. A written request is required with the proper documentation to be presented to the housing committee for a recommendation of approval.

When submitting housing applications, please provide references that can be contacted. All applications are dated the day they are submitted and kept on file. It is your responsibility to keep us updated on any changes to your application including the address and contact information. There are currently 59 applications on the housing waiting list.

New construction of CMHC homes is done every fiscal year. Standing by flow has allocated one home for the 2019/2020 fiscal year.

Rent is due on the first of each month as stated in your lease agreement unless you have made other arrangements with the housing department. You can make payments towards your rent arrears by coming in and working out a payment plan.

Emergency maintenance after hours on holidays will be dealt with on a need to need basis. Priority is for heating issues and water line breaks.

Preventative maintenance reminders: households are responsible to change their own furnaces filters, batteries for the smoke detectors, check and report any water leaks under sinks or taps. A complete list of items can be found on the housing policy and available at the downtown office.

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