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Indigenous Athletes High Performance Camps

The Saskatchewan Lacrosse Association has received a grant to help provide our Indigenous Athletes with High Performance training to prepare for NAIG, and any other high-performance opportunities coming up. The first part of these preparation opportunities will be High Performance Camps around the Province, these camps will be led by elite Indigenous Athletes who have competed at high levels of Lacrosse (Junior A, NAIG, University) and will include Jeff Shattler. These camps are open to all 14U & 19U male and female Indigenous athletes with Lacrosse experience who would like the opportunity to get extra training in to prepare for high performance opportunities (NAIG, A Teams, Team Sask etc). The first camp will be held this weekend in Saskatoon at the Henk Rhyes center for the following times:


Friday, January 21st

5:45pm to 7:45pm – Male 19U

Saturday, January 22nd

8:00am to 9:30am – Female Group (12 yrs to 19yrs)

9:30am to 11:00am: Male 14U

11:00am to 12:30pm: Male 19U

1:00pm to 2:30pm: Female Group

2:30pm to 4:00pm: Male 14U Group

4:00pm to 5:30pm: Male 19U Group


I apologize for the short notice of this weekends camp, however available time came up, so we grabbed it. Due to the grant, these camps will be free of charge. The next camps will be:

February 22nd & 23rd – Held in Saskatoon, times TBD

February 24th & 25th – Held in Regina, times TBD

Athletes who are interested in attending these camps can use the following link to register, this includes athletes who are unable to make this weekend’s camp but would like to attend future camps.



If you see any of our staff or Board members today, they will probably be doing a happy dance, as after a year and 11 months, we finally get to open up Team Sask try outs for National Championships again! For more information on the 2022 program and to register use the link below! Registrations close on February 4th, so make sure you register today! The 2022 program will have teams in Box Lacrosse (Male & Female), Men's Field Lacrosse (Open to Male & Female Athletes), and new to the program, Women's Field!

It has been one year and 11 months since we have opened up Team Sask try outs for Lacrosse Canada National Championships (excluding Canada Game try outs) and the Saskatchewan Lacrosse Association is beyond excited to open up Try Outs for the 2022 Team Sask Program!     

Registrations for Talent ID camps are now open for the following teams:

  • 12U Box - Male and Female athletes born in 2010 & 2011

  • 14U Box - Male and Female athletes born in 2009 & 2008

  • 14U Box Female - Female athletes born in 2009 & 2008

  • U15 Men's Field - Male and Female athletes born in 2009, 2008, & 2007

  • U18 Men's Field - Male and Female athletes born in 2006, 2005, & 2004

  • Women's Field - Female athletes between the ages of 13 and 19

We are not currently accepting registrations for 16U Box (Male and Female athletes born in 2007 & 2006).  This age group will be attending Canada Games, however we are looking at different options/opportunities for a second 16U team,  once the calendar is finalized for the different leagues in that age division we will determine if we open up registrations for this age group for the April 8/9 weekend.   There is a link to register your email to be kept in the loop on any information going forward.

Please see below for some important information and links to register!



  • Open Talent ID Camps - these camps take place on February 5/6 & March 5/6 in Moose Jaw.  These camps are open to all athletes wanting to try out for the program.   Players are required to be registered PRIOR to these camps starting to be eligible to try out.  (If players can not make a session there is a spot in the registration to let us know).

  • Invitational ID Camp - this camp will take place on April 8/9 in Saskatoon.   Coaches will select players from the Open ID camps to move on to this camp.  Players will be notified prior to the camp whether they are invited to move in the process to this camp or not.

  • Final Roster Selection - After the Invitational ID Camp Coaches will watch players at different Lacrosse events through out April and May and make the final roster selections by end of June.

  • Cost - Registration fee to try out for the 2022 Team Sask program is $100.   Players will receive floor time, a skill report card, and try out pinnie they keep.  SLA will also be arranging guest coaches for try out so they are a development camp atmosphere.

For players trying out for TWO teams, two registration forms will need to be submitted (one per team),  on one of the registrations use the promo code TWOTEAMS for a $10 discount.  This discount will only work on one registration.



In order to be eligible to try out for the 2022 Team Sask program and attend any National Championships (including Major National Championships such as Founders and Minto Cup), athletes must meet the following requirements:

  • Age - players must be the correct age for the age division they are trying out for.

  • Vaccination - Due to travel regulations and facility regulations all athletes in the Team Sask program must be double vaccinated unless they have a medical or religious exemption.  Athletes with a medical and religious exemption will need to provide proof of negative test within 24 hours of events.

  • Non Sanctioned/Approved Participation - Lacrosse Canada has instated a policy that any players who take in Lacrosse activities/groups that are not sanctioned or approved by the Provincial Governing Body (SLA), they will not be able to participate at any National Championships.    Currently, SLA has a window where they approve this type of participation, but any athletes who take part in any unsanctioned activity between April 1st and October 31st will not be eligible to take part in Nationals and therefore will not be able to be in the Team Sask program.  Approved programs are any programs provided by our Member Associations/Associate Member Associations, and programs put on by the two approved sanctioned private entities in Saskatchewan, the SWAT program and Shattler Lacrosse Academy.  

  • Registration - all athletes interested in trying out for the 2022 program must be registered by Feb. 4th.



Below are the locations and tentative dates for the 2022 National Championships and Canada Games:

  • 12U Box - will be held in Langley, BC, and tentative dates are August 15 - 21 (with travel days being the 14 & 22)

  • 14U Box (COED & Female) - will be held in Langley, BC, and tentative dates are August 15 - 21 (with travel days being the 14 & 22)

  • U15 & U18 Men's Field - will be held in Terrebonne, Quebec the September long weekend

  • Women's Field - will be held in Alberta tentatively at the end of July.

  • Canada Games (Female Team) - are held in Ontario from August 7th - 12th with travel days being on August 5th & 13th.

  • Canada Games (Male Team) - are held in Ontario from August 16th - 22nd with travel days being on August 14th & 22nd.



To registration for Talent ID camps please use the following link (remember if trying out for more than one team, athletes will need to use this link twice and complete two separate registrations)

For individuals interested in receiving communication about a potential second 16U Box team, please use the below online form to register your email:

If there are any questions about the Team Sask program, Nationals, or the Talent ID camps/process please email    There will be a parent information meeting held online via Microsoft Teams the week prior to the first Talent ID camps. 

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